First and foremost, we focus on what is needed and what will make a positive impact on the lives of our patients and their families.

Each client and family has different needs. For some, companionship and friendship is appropriate, while for others, daily errands and transportation may be needed. Then there are those who may require a bit more personal care-giving. We are able to personalize our services to meet your and/or your loved one's needs.


Our caregivers can provide assistance with the following:
  • Caring Companionship
    Our caregivers are dedicated and compassionate.
  • Transportation
    We can eliminate the stress involved with daily transportation needs - including trips to your doctor, grocery store, hair appointments, etc.
  • Live-In, 24-Hour Care
    For ultimate around-the-clock assistance and supervision. You and your loved ones can rest assured that someone is there 24 hours/day. Related to the cost of such service, anyone requiring 8+ hours per day should consider this option.
  • Errands
    We make sure our clients get what they want when they need it.
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
    Many people with Alzheimer’s can safely stay in their own home. Our caregivers have extensive training and experience in how to provide in-home care for people with Alzheimer’s. It may include but not limited to:
    • Assisting the client with dressing or grooming
    • Aiding the client in communication
    • Improving eating habits with healthy meal planning
    • Enhancing home safety by implementing measures to prevent wandering or driving away
    • And….much needed respite care for family members.
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
    Our assistance offers convenience and we help to ensure nutritious meals.
  • Assistance With Dressing, Bathing and Personal Care
    Our services provide much needed peace of mind... particularly when your safety or the safety of your loved one is involved.
  • Medication Reminders
    Managing medications can be challenging for some people. We are there to make sure that our clients stay on track for a healthy future. Also, family members can be notified of any changes in Patient’s condition or non-compliance with any meds. We also keep open communication with your doctor.
  • Home Making Services/Housekeeping
    This covers all the basics of looking after a home, such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, laun-dry, garbage disposal, utilities checks, watering indoor plants, and everything else that may have at one time been addressed by the client. Because home is where the heart is, we help to ensure cleanliness and a sense of order.
  • Information and Referral Services
    Our network of resources and professionals assures that you'll always have appropriate options.
  • Personalized Services
    We make every effort to accommodate our client's requests for other essential services. Feel free to call us with any specific request and we will put together a customized plan that’s right for you.



Skilled Nursing is provided by a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and includes coordinating the plan of care your physician has prescribed, monitoring vital signs, giving injections, providing wound care, teaching Patient and/or family member to safely perform certain skilled tasks. Other skilled tasks/procedures can safely be performed at home as well. Our RN will conduct an initial assessment of your home health care needs and we will maintain open lines of communication with your physician/specialist ordering your home care.


Physical Therapy aims to help you regain movement and strength. Our physical therapists will visit you in your home to help you perform daily activities and progress towards your physical goals. Your therapy plan of care is ordered by your physician and is closely monitored by our therapists in order for you to progress towards your goals.


Occupational Therapy is also ordered by a physician and is designed to help you regain your independence by performing daily activities by yourself. You may learn new ways to eat, put on clothes or comb your hair. Occupational therapy is often ordered together with physical therapy, where each one develops its own goals.

SPEECH THERAPY (Speech-Language Pathology)

Speech therapy can help you recover your swallowing and/or communication skills after a stroke or accident. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) specialize in the evaluation and treatment of swallowing, cognition/thinking skills and communication disorders to help your regain independence and improve your quality of life.


Medical Social Workers visit your home to help you and your loved ones with the social and emotional concerns that may accompany your health care issues. Managing an illness can be difficult. A helpful hand can be extended with the help of our social workers.


If you are planning a surgery or if you get hospitalized for any other planned or unexpected reason, your attending physician may order home health care services to begin upon your return home. You may also ask your physician if home care is needed in your case. If so, simply inform your discharge planner or staff nurse to call us at (954) 458-8441 or fax us at (954) 458-8463 your home health care prescription and we will get in touch with you right away to coordinate your return home and treatment plans. REMEMBER: It is always the Patient’s Choice, when it comes to choosing a home health agency. Make sure to inform your discharge planner that you choose Bee Well Home Health Care.